Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization: Fast Scaling


There's been a lot of buzz about CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) scaling lately and we can see why it works. We’ve been using CBO scaling across most of our client accounts and found that, no matter what their budget, it’s been super effective. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not here claiming to have an all-new, complicated scaling strategy. This is not a "revolutionary"”" method by any means and, in fact, the mechanics behind it are very simple, but hey, the best things often are. We’re about to step out CBO scaling for you, because we’re not the kind of agency to keep all the good stuff close to our chests. When we find a good thing we’re pretty keen to spread the word so everyone can benefit.

1. Testing Framework

Before you scale ALWAYS test. Our testing setup is pretty simple. We like to allocate around 10% of the ad budget to test new audiences and new creative and determine what works best. For bigger budgets, we recommend testing with ABO, as you can have more control and conduct a more conclusive, fair test. For smaller budgets, you’ll probably want to stick with CBO. After testing, you’re left with the best audiences and the best creative. You’ve got your winning combinations and it’s time to use these to scale.

2. The Exact Setup of Our CBO Scale Campaigns

To set up your CBO scaling campaign, put your best performing ads into an ad set then duplicate this ad set 3 times. So within your campaign, you have 4 of the exact same ad sets. For this to work effectively, you want your audience to be fairly large. We’ve seen it work with 5% and 10% lookalikes, but it really takes off in large expanded interest targeting. That’s it, like we said, simple.

Our Head of Digital has also put together this epic explanation video, that details our set-up if you need a bit more guidance:

3. Why It Works

So why do we do this and why does it work so damn well? As we know, Facebook only shows your ads to small pocket of the audience you push them to. And, because ad sets can’t compete with one another when they’re running in the same campaign, when you duplicate the ad sets like this, each ad set will hit a different pocket of the audience. What you’re essentially doing is hitting 4 pockets of the audience, rather than just one.

4. Our Revealbot Rules

We use Revealbot for automated rules. We don’t use it to turn off ad sets, we don’t touch ad sets. We only set rules to turn off ads. There’s two reasons we don’t turn off ad sets. 1) So the ad set doesn’t stop learning and continues to accumulate analytics. 2) Because, more often than not, only some of the ads will be underperforming and dragging down the overall ad set, and there will actually be some ads that are doing well or even killing it which should be left on.

For those of you that are struggling to scale your business and are looking for some advice on cracking "The CBO Code”, we highly recommend giving this a go. If your keen to have a chat with one of our marketing wizards just book in a strategy call.