Social Media Update


With the uncertainty that businesses are currently dealing with due to Covid-19, many are unsure of how to go about marketing and asking customers for support.

One way to stay connected to your customers using social media is Stories. This real-time, in the moment tool, can help drive traffic to your page and encourage support for your business. Instagram has recognized this and will be adding some amazing new features over the coming weeks.

Here are some tips and ideas on using Stories to promote your business;

Deliver what the people want!

Use the ‘new food order’ sticker, and promote people to order directly from Instagram. Encourage this with amazing imagery of your products or new menu items, give people a reason to share your story, and spread the word.

Give someone a Gift

The gift card stickers mean that people can support their local now and benefit later. Let people know how valuable their support is and that something as simple as sending someone a gift card goes a long way.

Share the love

If someone reposts your content, share it again to your feed, and acknowledge their support. Let people know that it means a lot and you are noticing the simple good deeds. 

Drive awareness of your fundraiser

Let people know about your Facebook fundraiser by sharing it on Instagram stories! The more coverage, the better, so keep sharing and get the word out.

Highlight it all

Save your stories and create a “Highlight” so people can go back and view your content on your profile. That way if someone misses a story on your offer, it will still be visible. 


Start a conversation or post a poll to generate engagement and get people excited about your content. A simple quiz on your brand or even a ‘challenge’ that people can do such as tagging a friend on their story with an image from your feed to win a free item, will promote interaction and increase brand awareness.

It can be a bit of a touchy subject when it comes to promoting business during such an uncertain and distressing time for everyone. Be considerate of your images or videos and whether they could offend or breach guidelines that are currently in place. When discussing the topic, be empathetic and understanding, make changes to your offers to adjust to people working from home or parents homeschooling their children, etc. 

To change up your content and get away from the negative tone of what’s going on, share good news and make people smile, it will go a long way and even have people remember you. Keep your posts both on feed and stories authentic to your brand, it will show people what is really happening, film videos of you and your business, the good and the bad. 

Most importantly, show people you care and are adhering to the guidelines, as much as you want to promote your product/service, ensuring people understand you are still doing your part to help with this situation is vital. Stay safe, stay strong, we’re all in this together.