Top Tips to Grow Your Instagram Followers


Despite my team advising me against it, I’ve decided to let you in on my top 10 tips to grow Instagram followers organically, because I like to help brands out whenever I can. It’s just what I do. Before we get to the good stuff, I’d like to put an emphasis on ORGANICALLY. Whatever you do, don’t buy Instagram followers. This does not work anymore, you need real Instagram followers who actually care about your content and brand.

To follow is a cheeky little snippet from my latest ebook Instagram Mastery: The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram to Organically Grow Your Brand. As I said, these are my top tips to get more real followers on Instagram, but if you really want to dominate the ‘gram you should definitely get yourself a copy of the highly-sought-after ebook.

If you have ever asked “how do you grow Instagram fast?” or “how do you beat Instagram algorithm?” this blog is a must-read.

10 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

#1 Post Good Content on Instagram Consistently
Remember, Instagram allows you to form HUMAN 2 HUMAN connection. Keep track of which content is getting the most saves, and post more of that. Saves will boost your Instagram algorithm ranking and get you higher up in more feeds.

#2 Network on Instagram
Network with other accounts in your niche that have more Instagram followers than yours. If you don’t know how to do this, simply direct message them. You can thank them or give value to them. We also recommend you reposting and tagging their content in your Instagram stories.

#3 Relevant Instagram Hashtags
You have 30 hashtags - USE THEM. Make sure they are relevant to your content and avoid the most popular hashtags. Use hashtag categories to organize them into blocks of 10 and save them for re-use.

#4 Engaging Instagram Stories
Use Instagram stories to boost engagement, drive action, and add value to your followers. This will make them addicted to your content. Use Instagram stories to create your own personal reality TV show with a cult following.

#5 Engage with Similar Instagram Accounts
Watch other Instagram account’s stories, engage with the content of your ideal customers, accounts who have your ideal customers in their audience, on relevant niche hashtags and anywhere your ideal clients hang out. When commenting on content, don’t just say “awesome post” make it relevant and meaningful. Be sure to thank the poster, manners are even more important in the digital space.

#6 Write Good Instagram Captions
Make your Instagram captions as meaningful and engaging as possible. We are finding longer content is more engaging so use it to tell stories, share your thoughts and ideas, give value or add your perspective on topics relevant to your niche. Don’t forget to include a call to action to increase engagement, but remember links in Instagram captions are not clickable.

#7 Instagram Explore Page
Use the Instagram Explore page for inspiration on what to post and what is trending on Instagram. This is a “viral content factory” so there’s an opportunity to share content that is related to your brand on your own account (make sure you use the appropriate credits, ALWAYS). These posts are already recognized by Instagram and users as good content so don’t reinvent the wheel.

#8 New Instagram Features
Use EVERY Instagram feature - especially the new ones. When Instagram release a new feature, get on the bandwagon and use it immediately. Get good at it, research who’s crushing it with their content and model it - but don’t copy it. Instagram developed these features for a reason, and we often find that using them will increase your relevance score in the algorithm exponentially.

#9 Instagram Analytics & Insights
Make sure you read and study your Instagram analytics and insights every day, and keep track of trends to ensure your always ahead of the game.

#10 Reply to Instagram Comments
Make sure you reply to comments posted on your content! This increases engagement and encourages users to form a connection with your brand.

If you can incorporate each of these components into your Instagram growth strategy and management, you should see a massive improvement in your Instagram following and engagement.