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Why you need it

Throughout my years working in digital marketing (I’m talkin’ A LOT of years, 18 in fact) I’ve met so many people trying to make it big on IG but not knowing where to start. So I did the only logical thing to help them. I wrote an eBook, pulling together all of my knowledge and tricks of the trade, and writing it all down. It’s something that would’ve made my life a whole lot easier when I was starting out There’s a lot of content floating about on the interweb, but nowhere has it been collated in one good-looking eBook like this. It’s super easy to follow, it makes a world of difference. 

In this ever-changing world of social media, Instagram is the most common platform for brands to share content and organic marketing campaigns. Utilizing every aspect and maximizing the platform's potential can be a little tricky, but with my eBook in your arsenal, you’ll glide through the whole process with heavenly ease. From building your profile to figuring out hashtags and shopping, it has everything you need to go from creation to launching marketing campaigns in a day. 

Already have an IG account but are looking to grow? I’ve got something for you to. You’ll find yourself enamored by my growth hacks and purchase lifecycle guides, which will show you how to expand your community and turn your followers into paying customers.

Utilizing your Instagram account to grow and convert your following into paying customers is the game.
  • What You Get

    With ten chapters to discover, you’ll have a wealth of information at your fingertips. So, what do you actually get?

    I’m not going to sugar coat it, Instagram is where it’s at RIGHT NOW. Now is the time to build an audience of loyal, sticky followers that are going to engage, elevating you and your brand as an authority. The bots are gone! Likes are disappearing, and the platform is now a level playing field that anyone can dominate it…

    But how?

    My Instagram Mastery Guide details the EXACT steps on how to utilize your Instagram account to grow and convert your following into PAYING customers. These steps aren’t available anywhere else. Having spent over 3 years - ALL IN - on learning how to dominate Instagram I’ve built a repeatable formula based on hard data and real results. They form a powerful strategy that is guaranteed to see your following skyrocket. 

    In my Instagram Mastery Guide, I explain how the algorithm works and how you can work it to your advantage, what content you need to be posting, which hashtags to use, future Instagram features that you need to know about now to be ahead of the game, and so much more crucial information about Instagram. 

    The Instagram Mastery Guide will transform your business, the question is… are you going to let it? Get your copy now. 

Topics we cover

  • Instagram Algorithm
  • Content
  • Community
  • Hashtags
  • Instagram Stories
  • Growth hacks
  • 2020 Trends
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What everyone is saying

    “I have been fortunate to receive coaching from Hugh, and I can not speak highly enough of the information & strategies he shares in this ebook! This is the BEST resource you will find on Instagram growth strategies!”

    Nathan Doran

    Founder of SWAY Digital
    “Hugh always comes from a space of integrity and is frickin smart when it comes to Facebook media buying and Instagram. Highly recommended if you get a chance to work with him.”

    Catherine Howell

    Found of Digital Distillery
    “Going to someone that dedicates themselves to your brand is something that we really love and one of the ways we have been able to grow and scale.”

    Omar & Zane Alsabiry

    Co-Founders of MAISON de SABRE

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