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1 Hour
Facebook Ads Growth Consultation

1 Hour Facebook Ads Growth Consultation

$1,000 Buy

Ready to scale your Facebook Ads and start making some serious $$$? 1 hour with me and you’ll learn how to significantly increase your ad budget without your ROAS suffering.

1 Hour Growth Consultation

If you’ve ever attempted to scale your Facebook Ads before you know better than anyone how tricky it can be to maintain a solid ROAS. 

When you start spending more money your return ratio might still be good, you might be doing better than breaking even, but it might not be as good as it was when you were spending less. 

That’s just how Facebook Ads tend to work. I say “tend to” because, after years of experience as a high level media buyer, after spending millions in ad spend, that’s not what happens when I scale. 

Every strategy, every optimization, every rule - I’ve tried them all. Some worked well, some worked AMAZINGLY, and some straight up bombed.

I don’t pretend I have never failed. I have, a lot. I’ve failed so my clients don’t have to. I know what not to do just as well as I know what to do. 

Check out what we will be covering in your consultation:

  • Clearly establish the best opportunities for your brand to consistently grow profitability exponentially. 
  • Devise a clear 90 day plan for achieving your revenue goals.
  • Discuss specific strategies for scaling that will protect your ROAS.

Please understand:

  • I run a full-scale digital marketing agency so my time is valuable.
  • My rate has been determined by how much people have made from talking to me for an hour.
  • If you’re not happy in the first 15 minutes, I’ll refund you. 

Let’s talk cost

Honestly, I undercharge for these consultations. After jumping on an hour call with me people have gone on to make $30,000+ using the strategies I gave them. I will probably be looking at increasing my rates in the future because of how successful my consultations have proven. If $1000 seems too expensive, this isn’t for you. I work with businesses that understand a good investment when they see one. 

So...are you ready to jump on a call?

If you’re keen to get on a call with me, that’s awesome. I love chatting with cool people, doing cool things, and helping them to be as profitable as possible. 

$1k for one hour. I only accept upfront payments. I don’t have time to “close” you, so please only get in touch if you’re ready and keen.

Maegan Scarlet * Co-Founder of oVertone
"Hugh Rees saved my f%@king life"
Omar Alsabiry * MAISON de SABRÉ
"Boundary pusher and innovator"
Cat Howell * 8 Loop Social
Freakin’ revolutionary.

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